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MIDJ, the Italian Jazz Musicians Association, founded in 2014, serves as a central hub for jazz musicians in Italy. Its primary goal is to support policies for jazz and improvisational music, aligning with European practices. MIDJ represents and supports Italian jazz musicians in a rapidly evolving professional landscape, focusing on information, training, and creating opportunities. The association advocates for awareness, collaborates with key players in the Italian jazz system, and works to enhance musicians’ protections. MIDJ contributes to promoting and analyzing the professionalization of jazz musicians, addressing diverse roles within the field including export of Italian jazz. MIDJ, after having selected projects from its members, presents four original proposals, showcasing musicians with recently released or in-progress albums. The selected artists will perform at the Schaulust on Friday the 12th of April at 7 PM.

Federico Nuti – InFormal Setting
Francesco Panconesi – Tenor Sax
Jacopo Fagioli – Trumpet
Amedeo Verniani – Double Bass
Mattia Galeotti – Drums
Federico Nuti – Piano and Compositions

Deeply informed by avant-garde movements in European and North American music, InFormal Setting explores the intricacies and subtleties to be found where improvisational freedom and formal structure intersect.

Miriam Fornari: vocals, piano, synthesizers
Ruggero Fornari: guitar
Joe Rehmer: electric bass
Evita Polidoro: drums, vocals

Miriam Fornari’s musical project is based on a relentless search, aiming to unveil her own identity through the creation of a distinct sound born through the infinite combinations of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Federico Calcagno – clarinets
Filippo Rinaldo – piano, octatrack
Stefano Grasso – drumset, vibraphone

Piranha is a trio that blends jazz, chamber music, non-European sound and minimalism trough total improvisation and composition. Their first album gained significant success from both critics and audience.

Giulia Vallisari: Vocals/Synth
Mariano Ciotto: Vocals/Synth
Federico Calcagno – Bass Clarinet
Fabrizio Carriero: Drums

Tendha is a band from Milan formed in 2020. Their sound is a mix of prog rock, jazz, and dance music. The band’s compositions are inspired by 8-bit video games soundtracks.


With support from MiC and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea” program


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